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Sal nostrum: from the pans to the salt warehouses

The exhibition was set up within the framework of the YouInherit project, which was envisaged mainly for the incorporation of the young into the evaluation as well popularization and revival of cultural heritage and old crafts. Under the mentorship of Dr Flavio Bonin, the exhibition was created by 14 young people from various spheres of activities.

It is composed of two parts: the first incorporates two larger panels on the facade of the former Monfort warehouse, with description and interesting photo material about the pans and transport of salt to the salt warehouses, while the other part, set up on the newly renovated premises of the authentic Monfort salt warehouse, incorporates panels, various documents, photographs and rich video presentations. Several testimonies by former salt-workers and people who worked in salt warehouses are presented, as well as a 3D display, short animated film on the development of salt warehouses, and a number of different multimedia contents.

The exhibition is dedicated to the storing and transport of salt from the pans, the final process of salt-making. A wide array of tasks is presented, beginning with transport of salt from the tilled salt fields or the storage part of the saltpan house, continuing with transport of salt to the local or central warehouses, and ending with its sale on end markets. Various spaces in the pans as well as local and central warehouses were used for the storage of salt; if necessary, private warehouses and ground floors of middle-class houses were utilized, too. Today, one part of the Grando (Fizine) Warehouse is still intended for the storage of packed salt, whereas the Monfort Warehouse is used largely for various cultural content.