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Tona's House is a typical rustic house from the agrarian part of northwestern Istria, of a fairly old type, from the 19th century or even earlier. The first floor of this stone building was reserved for residential premises, while its ground floor was intended for certain agricultural activities. The house was the property of a fairly wealthy Gorela family. It was named after Antonia Gorela (1873–1967), who resided in it till 1961.

On the first floor with the kužina (kitchen) and the kamara (room), the open roofing with roof construction made of oak with parts of roots has been preserved. Given that the furniture and fittings were used for quite a long time, all the presented furnishings do not originate from the same period of time, but were most certainly still used in the 1st half of the 20th century, or even later.

The type of the oilery as presented in the ground floor of Tona's House ethnological collection at Sv. Peter, was in the past two centuries prevalent all over Istria. The technological process of oil making in such oileries demanded the following appliances: olive grinding mill, press (with which ground olives were pressed), spindle for tightening press screw, and stove with cauldron, in which water was boiled.


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