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The Maritime Museum Piran wishes to acquaint the visitors with all maritime and other museal topics. Here, our shared stories, our shared heritage, are stored. We wish every visitor will get to know them and keep them alive together with us.


Guided groups may contain 30 pupils/students at the most. Guiding of school groups lasts up to 1 hour. By agreement, it may be shorter; thematic guidance is possible as well. Guided tours can also be carried out in combination with the offered workshops. Announcements for school group guidance should be made at least a week prior to the visit.





Explore the Maritime Museum (suitable for pre-school children and 1st and 2nd year primary-school pupils)

Children explore the Maritime Museum and look for various artefacts exhibited within different collections. Children get to know what the role and meaning of the museum is.

Let's get to know Tona's House (suitable for 1st to 4th year primary-school pupils)

At the exhibition, pupils get to know how people used to live in Istrian villages in the past and how olive oil was made by them. During the visit of the ethnological collection at Sv. Peter, pupils fill in the thematic work lists.  

Museum of Salt-making (suitable for 1st to 9th year primary-school pupils)

By filling out their workbooks, children get to know how salt was made and harvested by our grandparents and how they spent the summers working in the saltpans.





Professional guidance is provided in our parent building and all non-residential units. For guided tours, which usually last 1 hour, groups of up to 25 persons are recommended. For foreign visitors, guidance in English and Italian languages are provided for. Guided tours should be booked at least a week prior to the visits.



Guided tours can be booked via:

Tel: +386 (0)5  671 00 40



For booking purposes, date and hour of the arrival is to be stated, then make sure you stick to the reserved date and time. In the event of unexpected delays, you should inform us your difficulties as soon as possible over phone no. +386 (0)5 671 00 40. If guidance is not cancelled in due time, i.e. less than one workday prior to your arrival, the Museum reserves a right to charge you for the guide's costs, i.e. 20, 00 € per group.

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