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Virtual tours

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we offer you virtual tours of our dislocated collections: the Museum of Salt Making and the Tona House. The footage was created as part of the Central European Interreg Come-in project!


Museum of Salt-making (Fontanigge, Sečovlje Aalina Natural Park), Cultural Monument of National importance

3D: Izstop d.o.o.

The Museum of salt making - the first house: click here


The Museum of salt making - the third house: click here


The Museum of salt making - the fourth house: click here



Tona's House

3D: Izstop d.o.o.

Tona's House: click here



Piran drawbridge


You are also invited to have a look at the Piran drawbridge, which used to stand at the entrance to the former inner harbour – mandracchio (on the spot of the bus stop along the present-day Tartini Square). The bridge was built in 1578 and pulled down in 1894 during the filling up of the mandracchio and its transformation into the square. The video clip in mixed reality was made within the framework of the international Mala barka 2 project in cooperation with civil engineer Gorazd Humar, Dr Nadja Terčon from the Maritime Museum Piran, and Dr Milan Kuhte and Dr Danijel Rebolj from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Architecture of Maribor University, who virtually emplaced the bridge on its actual spot.