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Incorporation of the young into the innovative evaluation and revival of traditional crafts as of cultural heritage, with the purpose of increasing the attractiveness of competitiveness of urban areas in a dynamic form.

Duration of the project: 1st June 2016 – 31st May 2019

The project from the Interreg Central Europe programme was aimed at incorporating the young into evaluation, popularisation and revival of cultural heritage of old crafts with the purpose of increasing employment opportunities for the young through development of cultural tourism. The project brought together various regions of Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, Poland and Croatia, which are characterized by the rich cultural heritage of the old but still surviving crafts that should be preserved in the future as well, given their great economic potential. One of the common challenges of the participating countries is to improve the insufficient incorporation of the young into traditional crafts, utilization and management of cultural heritage and, in turn, to provide for its sustainable use. The principal activities of the concluding project were: preparation of a study on the evaluation of cultural heritage in the participating regions, training of partners and stakeholders for the evaluation of cultural heritage and better incorporation of the young, as well as implementation of pilot projects in separate regions. Within the framework of the latter, the partners tested one of the tools, which were eventually developed in a greater detail within the framework of the project: strengthening of competences of local managers and other stakeholders, evaluation of cultural heritage and activation of the young for the acquisition of knew knowledge and skills for the preservation and continuation of old crafts.


Link to the project's web page: YouInHerit


What has been done?

Within the framework of the project, the Maritime Museum prepared a new collection Sal Nostrum: from the pans to the salt warehouse. The exhibition was set up together with 14 young people engaged in different spheres: history, ethnology, design, artistic creation, film editing, architecture, geography, etc. Under the mentorship of Dr Flavio Bonin, the young set up an innovative, multimedia exhibition on storing of salt and its transport from the pans. On display are several short documentary films depicting the manner of transport and storage of salt, 3D videos on the development of warehouses, and a short animated film made by primary school children. The exhibition is on display in the new Info-Centre in the former Monfort salt warehouse, in front of which information panels were set up, on which all passersby can get information on the warehouses themselves. Furthermore, we organized several workshops on the subject of salt and salt-making. In collaboration with the secondary catering school, we made several displays of traditional preservation of salted anchovies, with the Italian primary school we made few saltpan tools, and with other schools organized several workshops on the making of the rose of winds.

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