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Sword from the sea 

The sword was randomly found in the sea just off Strunjan at the end of July 2021. The finder Uroš Dernovšek handed it over to the Maritime Museum Sergej Mašera Piran. The conservation will be carried out by senior conservator-restorer Ajda Purger.
As the sword is heavily lined with corrosion and calcite coatings as well as marine organisms, its form is barely visible, making its state of preservation and age difficult to assess. In events like this, we are amply aided by modern natural science analyses. Radiographic examinations were carried out at the Department of Imaging Diagnostics within Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital. With their aid it was ascertained that the sword’s metal core was well preserved, with the remains of the sheath visible as well. A clear perception of the internal structure will thus substantially facilitate cleaning and removal of corrosion and other coatings. With the aid of a stereo-microscope, wood remains were also detected at the Department of Conservation and Restoration within the National Museum of Slovenia. Presently, the sword is in the process of desalination, which is absolutely implicit in the conservation of any finds from the sea. If no such procedure is implemented, the salts cause damage or even complete destruction of the studied artefacts. The procedure, however, can be very lengthy owing to the high salt content in them and may take a year or even more. 


More about the sword is to follow.


S. Karinja, A. Purger