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The culinary in the salt pans - second event of the project

On Wednesday, 21st July 2021, the Museum of salt-making in the Fontanigge area in the Salt Pans Natural Park hosted the second event as part of the Saltworks Culinary Project, organized by the Maritime Museum "Sergej Mašera" Piran with the Institute for Cultural Heritage Protection and the Piran Self-governing Italian Community. We prepared and presented the traditional cooking of polenta with fish.


The process of making polenta was demonstrated by Anita Dessardo, Giorgina Rebol said a few words about the traditional preparation of polenta. The Saltworks family showed how they sometimes dined in salt pans and the Italian community exhibited a series of mostly copper pots in which polenta was cooked. 
Tamara Lindič and Matjaž Kljun, conservator of ZVKDS OE Piran led the visitors through the collection of the Museum of Saltworks, Veronika Bjelica, curator of the Maritime Museum, led a creative workshop of painting wind flowers, and Amalia Petronio presented a new publication; the rowing group in Piran revives the traditional Venetian way of rowing.


The next event will be on August 4th.