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Renčelj Kazimir

Kazimir Renčelj (Trieste,11 January 1905  – 1970).


From 1924 to 1926, he studied at the Naval Academy in Dubrovnik. He sailed on board various ships and eventually also finished the Hydroplane Reconnaissance School at Divulje. Later on he served as Adjutant of the Naval Command in Šibenik and Adjutant of the Tivat Arsenal. He sailed with few torpedo boats and then commanded the torpedo boat T3. In January 1942 he was arrested by the Italians, and he stayed in Italian prisons until the capitulation of Italy. He was soon imprisoned in a British and eventually American camp in Resina. When freed, he joined the National Liberation Movement, first of all in Bari, then in Monopoli and on the island of Vis. In December 1944 he was appointed Commander of III POS in Zadar, where he stayed until 27 March 1945. Then he was sent to the Navy Group of IX Corps and arrived in Trieste on 1 May 1945. Here he took charge of the Maritime Coastal Command Trieste (POKT). He retired in 1960.


Nadja Terčon


(PMSMP, documentation NOB)

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