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Čepregi Karel

Karel Čepregi (Beltinci, 30 September 1907 – ?)


He graduated from high school in mechanical engineering and in 1927–1929 served in the Yugoslav Royal Navy. For a while he worked as chauffer for Ivan Kern, then passed the exam for the Merchant Navy Engineer's licence. He worked as Assistant Engineer on the ship Hrvatska, which was owned by Jadranska plovidba. He also sailed on board the ships Vojvoda Putnik, Aleksander I and Ivan Topić, with which he returned to his homeland in 1945. These ships sailed during the war in convoys on the route Africa – Australia – India – England – USA. On return home he was employed by the Directorate-General of Maritime Traffic in Rijeka until 1952, then by Jadranska linijska plovidba till 1954. He took part in the founding of Splošna plovba Portorož.


Nadja Terčon


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