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The flag of St. George

Among the most significant achievements of the Maritime Museum Piran are various museum works, the result of which was initially the exhibition and publication of The Port of Piran from the old harbour to its current image / Il porto di Pirano dall'antico mandracchio all'aspetto odierno in 1993, and consequently the conservation of the flag with motif of St. George.


The flag was on display for the first time at the very aforementioned exhibition. Initially, it had been assessed that it was in need of preservation, but as the damages were not serious, it was agreed that he conservation work could wait until the end of the exhibition. Still, the flag had to be handled with utmost care. The conservation was eventually carried out in 1998-1999 in the specialized Restoration Workshop of the Provincial Museum Ptuj under the expert guidance of Eva Ilec.

As the flag had to be handled carefully even after its conservation, it was then put on display under glass in accordance with the conservation experts’ instructions. All edges are with no closed frame, which enables air circulation.


Although we have been unable to obtain exact date of the flag’s date of origin, it most certainly originates from Piran. On the basis of the carried out laboratory tests of all materials and the light ribbon on the figure of St. George, it was assessed during the conservation process that the flag originated from the first quarter of the 20th century. It is rectangular in shape, made of woollen fabric, with the exception of its middle part, which is made of cotton and includes a patchwork with a sewn motif of St. George.




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Nadja Terčon

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