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Davide Filipas, Spomini ladjedelniškega mojstra (Davide Filipas, The Memories of a Shipbuilding Master)

Uroš Hribar


The present publication entitled Davide Filipas, The Memories of a Shipbuilding Master, pays special attention to the life path and the way of thinking of Master Filipas. The publication was created in in the Maritime Museum's cooperation with the Italian Community Giuseppe Tartini Piran and the journalist-publishing house Edit from Rijeka. Apart from the pictorial material, which is the core of the publication, an interview in the characteristic Filipas' s language, a mixture of the Cres and Piran dialect of the Venetian origin, is published. The translators and authors attempted to preserve the original structure of the narrative with short and fragmented sentences.

Various shipbuilders' tools and  accessories for building traditional vessels are also presented in detail.
To attentive readers, these for the very first time fully published Master Filipas's sketches will reveal the ancient skills and disclose to view the world and time, when contracts were concluded with a handshake, and when the life of fishermen depended in stormy nights on the solidness of the vessel that had long been forgotten by the shipbuilder that made it.


The publication is presented in three languages (Slovenian, Italian and Croatian).


Price: 15,00 €

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