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Tona's House




Tona's House, located at Sv. Peter, is an example of a building once inhabited by Istrian peasants. On the ground floor of this stone building you can see the oil mill, while on the first floor there are the living quarters that throw light on the Istrian people’s way of life from about 200 years ago until a few decades ago. The house is also surrounded by mulberry trees, a young olive grove and other characteristic plants.


The house was the property of the Gorela family and was named after Tona Gorela, who lived in it till 1961.

The first floor with the kitchen, a fireplace and the bedroom is reached by the external staircase with "baladur", a small covered terrace. Here you can see the furniture and objects that were still in use by our grandparents and grandmothers, and you would certainly find similar objects in your home, too. On the ground floor there used to be a barn and a cellar and later an oil mill for the making of olive oil. In the house of Tona you can see the type of oil mill that was once characteristic of this part of Istria.