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Network of Slovene and Italian museums: the program for valorization and technological innovation of museums of the Northern Adriatic by the European program of cross-border collaboration Slovenia-Italy 2007-2013 wishes to improve, revalue and promote the historical and cultural heritage of museums as their most important guardians.

The project pursued the following goals:

• Improvement of the museum’s conservation, construction, management and evaluation techniques,
• introduction of technological and energy innovations in museums,
• dissemination of information and acquaintance with the use of new communication technologies,
• setting up innovative management models and interpretation of heritage that can also be transferred to other ambiences,
• enhance the attractiveness and visibility of museums through greater attractiveness and competitiveness of the discussed areas,
• enable alternative and interactive visits for schools to attract the target audience which is difficult to approach,
• increase the number of visitors; promotion of dialogue, cultural exchange and cooperation between museums, institutions, universities and other cultural institutions,
• creation of new educational and employment opportunities,
• stimulate the exchange of experience and good practice between different areas, linked by the same basic characteristics and problems,
• increase the coordination between museums and the field of tourism promotion,
• creation of a network of »open« museums with innovative approaches to ensure greater flexibility and dynamics, and also a better and broader offer through common professional skills.


What has been done?

Within the scope of the project, the Maritime Museum acquired a large amount of technical equipment, with which our collections have been upgraded a great deal. For an easier access to the Museum we bought 25 bikes and made them available to the visitors free of charge. We restored a badly damaged apothecary cabinet oficine from one of the Piran pharmacies and is now on display in the Museum, and purchased a few models from the ship modeller Marcel Blažina, as well as audio-visual guides through the Museum, and some other items.

More information about the project can be found at: openmuseums

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