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Svetilnik (Lighthouse)

A cultural publication for young enthusiasts

Svetilnik (Lighthouse) is a free publication aimed primarily at elementary school students. The Maritime Museum of Piran is presented in with the Čakole s trabakole section. The magazine is published in cooperation with Theatre of Koper, Koper Regional Museum, Comunità Autogestita Costiera della Nazionalità Italiana di Capodistria, Central Library of Srečko Vilhar Koper, Regional Archive of Koper, Institute for the Development of Film Culture Otok, Science and Research Centre Koper. With different colouring pages, puzzles, crossword and other fun tasks, we present the history and heritage of our region.

Svetilnik - december 2018


Svetilnik - februar 2019


Svetilnik - junij 2019


Svetilnik - september 2019


Svetilnik - december 2019


Svetilnik - april 2020


Svetilnik - junij 2020


Svetilnik - oktober 2020

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