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The presentation of the monograph Sava & Jolanda, the First Slovenian/Yugoslav Mariners by Dr Nadja Terčon at the Notranjska Museum

The Notranjska Museum Postojna and the Maritime Museum Piran kindly invite you to the presentation of the monograph  Sava & Jolanda, the First Slovenian/Yugoslav Mariners, Women and the sea and the Slovenian women entering the male world of the maritime profession by Dr Nadja Terčon, the Maritime Museum councillor. The presentation will be held on Wednesday, 25 May 2022 at 18:00 hrs, at the Notranjska Museum premises at Kolodvorska cesta 3 in Postojna.
The book, which is dedicated to the pioneers of female sailing in Slovenia/Yugoslavia, outlines fascinating life stories of two classmates, friends and mariners, in particular the stories of two strong and resilient women who went to school and worked together (even though for only a short time) in a distinctly male environment. With the book, featuring Sava Kaluža from Postojna (although born in Ilirska Bistrica) and Jolanda Gruden (married Mažer) from Nabrežina, the authoress provided for their stories becoming part of our common memory.
Sava and Jolanda were the first trained Slovenian as well as Yugoslav mariners. This extensive work, richly equipped with varied documentary material and numbering no less than 241 pages, was published last year by the Maritime Museum Piran. We are pleased to tell you that we shall be joined by Franco Juri, the Maritime Museum’s Director, daughters of both sailors, i.e. Tamara Kaluža and Alida Mažer, and the book’s authoress, museum councilor Dr Nadja Terčon.