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The exhibition by SLOWOODLIFE, d. o. o.

Info Center Monfort in Portorož from July 27th - 28th August 2022

Is it possible to live in a quality built house made of wood and furnish your home with a wooden interior? The answer is "yes"! You can see this for yourself at the Living with wood exhibition SloWOODlife.


From July 27th, 2022, you can see an exhibition in Monfort, where companies that create a market for wood and other products related to the higher living culture of the modern user present themselves with the presentation of wooden buildings and products aimed at sustainable development. Wooden houses meet the essential requirements of modern sustainable construction, which reduces the environmental burden, is energy efficient and offers a high level of living comfort. Houses and interiors made of wood represent a pleasant, safe and healthy living environment.


By using wood for products and facilities, we protect forests
Slovenia is the most forested country in Europe. 60 percent of the country is covered by forests. Our forests grow 4 cubic meters of wood per inhabitant per year, but only around 0.5 cubic meters are used per inhabitant for products (houses and equipment).


Important: wood is a natural material that is subject to biological decomposition. At a certain age, trees start to decay. If the trees are not cut down in time, instead of absorbing, the trees begin to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That's why it's good to know that by using wood for products and facilities, we indirectly protect forests.


Monfort introduces visitors to one of the forms of environmentally friendly construction and represents a stone in the mosaic of public awareness of the importance of introducing sustainable concepts in as many areas of life and social activity as possible.

Organization and implementation of the exhibition: SLOWOODLIFE, d. o. o.
Sponsors of the exhibition: Directorate of Wood Industry, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, and public agency SPIRIT Slovenia
You can read more about the exhibition on the SLOWOODLIFE website.



"With the exhibition, we want to contribute to the recognition of high-quality wooden construction and the importance of wood as a construction and design material, which provides an opportunity to produce both wooden houses and aesthetically perfect furniture and equipment for work and living.

The panels present the best quality Slovenian providers of wooden construction, furniture and wood products. With the exhibition, we want to present wooden construction and wood as a commodity as directly as possible to users in such locations, where the basis for a positive experience is a relaxed atmosphere and a modern local ambience.

On the one hand, the exhibition promotes a positive attitude towards wood and popularizes the culture of construction and the use of wood, and on the other, it enables quality manufacturers, architects, suppliers, designers and planners to present their references to the general public.

The all-Slovenian road-show event constantly travels through the most frequented points of Slovenian cities, and it is also available in digital format on our portal."

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