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Presentation of the new edition of the book by the historian Darja Mihelič about an affluent citizen of Piran

On Friday, 16 February 2024, the presentation of the new edition of the book by the historian Darja Mihelič, titled The Horizon of the Spirit of the Istrians of the Modern Era - Inventory of the Legacy of an Affluent Citizen of Piran (1599), took place in the Infocentre of the Monfort Exhibition Centre, organized by the Koper Regional Archives. The book was published by the Annales Publishing House of the Historical Society for the Southern Primorska Region and the Irris Institute and brings new insights on everyday life, movable and immovable property, and the education of some prominent Piran citizens of the second half of the 16th century, particularly Almerigo Petroni (died in 1599).


After the opening address by Nada Čibej, MSc, Director of the Koper Archives, the presentation commenced with the musical score "L'avertimento" by Reynaldo Hahn with text by Pietro Buratti in the Venetian dialect (Venezia, chansons en dialecte vénitien, no. 3, 1901). It was performed with a great feeling by Nejka Čuk (vocals) and Martin Meglič (piano). The book was presented by the moderator Salvator Žitko and the author Darja Mihelič, between whom an interesting conversation unfolded presently.


Among the many real estates in Piran and its vicinity, as well as the interesting movable inventory of Almerigo Petroni, which encompasses a lyre, a lute, a violin, sewing accessories, bird cages, a dog collar, a dancing stick, a foot warmer, a battered alarm clock and a piccolo table, the library with 366 units stands out. It includes classic works of fiction and books from the spheres of theology, philosophy (including the banned Erasmus of Rotterdam), law and linguistics, and a number of medical and pharmaceutical works.


During her narrative, the author drew attention to several interesting features and demonstrated how a fish cake is made. The book is composed of an introductory outline of the historical period and libraries, a presentation of the Petronio family, an analysis of the catalogued inventory, the contents of the library, a fascinating attempt to reconstruct the everyday life of Almerig's daughter, various aids, facsimiles and manuscripts.

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