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Only the sea knew...

On Friday, 13 October 2023, two publications of collected contributions to Slovenian maritime history by Dr Miroslav Pahor, historian, museologist and the first and long-time Director of the Maritime Museum Piran, were presented at the Monfort Exhibition Centre in Portorož.

The personality and works of Miroslav Pahor were presented, upon the opening address by Franco Juri (the Maritime Museum’s current Director), by the editors of publications and the authors of introductory articles, Dr Nadja Terčon (Maritime Museum Piran) and Dr Aleksander Panjek (Faculty of Humanities Koper, University of Primorska, Department of History). Both publications were issued, for the first time in this format, by the Publishing House of the University of Primorska.


Dr Terčon and Dr Panjek highlighted the exceptional importance of Miroslav Pahor’s contributions to the local, Slovenian and the broader history of seafaring, fishing, salt-making and of the Primorje coastal region’s hinterland. At the same time, Pahor’s key role in preserving cultural heritage and laying the foundations of the Piran Maritime Museum was emphasized. 


The gathering, which was organized as a tribute to Dr Miroslav Pahor, attracted an admirable number of visitors, including his former colleagues, young students, descendants and all those who carry on his work. It is no doubt an extraordinary recognition and respect for his lifelong work.

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