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Presentation of the book Sava and Jolanda in Postojna

On the former Youth Day of 25 May 2022 we presented, in the fully packed hall of the Notranjska Museum Postojna, a book about the first two Slovenian and Yugoslav mariners: Sava Kaluža  from Postojna (although born in Ilirska Bistrica) and Jolanda Gruden (married Mažer) from Nabrežina.


This time too, the book was presented by its author, Dr Nadja Terčon, while Tamara Kaluža and Alida Mažer, the mariners’ daughters, threw some light on their characters with interesting stories and by reading excerpts from their diaries. The introductory words belonged to Franco Juri, the Maritime Museum’s Director, who also underlined the importance of the book in the broader context of the women's issues research.


The event was organized and led by Alenka Čuk, a museum councillor at the Notranjska Museum, who at the end of the evening spoke about the role and significance of the first Primorska Slovenian post-war grammar school in Postojna, where the base of her future students was in the first few years of the functioning of the maritime school. Before coming to Žusterna, Sava and Jolanda, too, attended this grammar school.