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Ahead to the past: Slovenia

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The film presents a series of shots taken in 2017 and 2018 during an underwater archaeological research project in the vicinity of the former salt warehouses in Portorož, Slovenia. The filming was carried out by members of the Underwater Archaeological Consortium under the patronage of the Institute of Underwater Archaeology.



Footage contributed by: Underwater Archaeological Consortium (PAK) 

Conceptual design: Snježana Karinja 

Texts: Rene Masaryk, Mojca Fras, Snježana Karinja 

Authors of the texts used at the exhibition: Snježana Karinja, Andrej Gaspari, Rene Masaryk, Matej Draksler, Mojca Fras, Iris Bekljanov Zidanšek, Jaka Bizjak, Ajda Purger 

Slovenian sign language interpreter: Maja Kuzma Ganić 

Editing: Maja Kuzma Ganić 

Language editing: Igor Presl, Henrik Ciglič 

Translations: Daniela Milotti Bertoni (Italian), Henrik Ciglič (English) 

Proofreading: Ana Predoi and Matic Perko

Production: Maritime Museum “Sergej Mašera” Piran and Underwater Archaeological Consortium










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