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Video presentation of the book Sava and Jolanda

On the national Culture Holiday, the Maritime Museum also invites you to view a short presentation video with rich photographic material of the new book Sava & Jolanda by Nadja Terčon.

With the publication of the book Sava in Jolanda by Nadja Terčon, we prepared a film with the same name, presenting the contents of the book through the titles of its main chapters and photographic material. The publication acquaints us with the first two Slovenian (and Yugoslav) mariners, Sava Kaluža and Jolanda Gruden, women and the sea, and the entry of Slovenian women into the male world of maritime profession. Although the book features the first two women who wished to learn about shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and nautical science, and not about cooking, housekeeping and handicrafts, its broader approach makes it possible for the readers to identify the women’s classmates, fellow workers and others who were closely associated with them during schooling and initial employment, and eventually witnessed the first post-war period when great social and economic changes took place.



You are kindly invited to watch the film as well as to purchase and read the book.



Film prepared by: Mateja Tomažinčič