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Lecture by DD Verena Vidrih Perko "Museology: historical conceptual issues"

On Monday, March 2nd 2020, the prominent archaeologist and museologist DD Verena Vidrih Perko held a lecture "MUSEOLOGY: HISTORICAL CONCEPTUAL ISSUES - DOES THEORY CONCERN OUR DAILY WORK AT THE MUSEUM? The event, which was organized by the Maritime Museum "Sergej Mašera" Piran and the Slovenian Museum Association, took place at the Info Center of the Maritime Museum Piran in the former Monfort Salt Warehouse in Portorož.

The participants had an extraordinary opportunity to deepen their knowledge of museology, the history of the development of museological science, the definitions and forms of organized and institutionalized human activity (mainly museums) and the importance of applying theory in practice. We were acquainted with the basic elements that are determining museum objects and museology, the multiplicity of museum objects, the creation of knowledge in the light of museology science and its articulation, the relationship between basic science and museology, formatted and contextualized knowledge, areas within the domain of museological research, about the knowledge in the domain of museology research… 
In a peculiarly humorous, simple, transparent and inspiring way, it also attracted the attention of those participants who had previously only readily encountered the theory of museology. She emphasized that museology is not a science of museums, just as medicine is not a science of hospitals.
So what is Museology? You can read more about this in the Slovenian edition of the book by the Croatian museologist Ivo Maroević, translated and edited by DDr Verena Vidrih Perko. It is expected to be published in the autumn this year by the Slovenian Museum Association.

We warmly advise you not to miss such a superb lecture at the next opportunity.