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Kavšek Slavko

Slavko Kavšek (Divača, 2 March 1912 – August 1997)


He was a partisan, Navy Officer and teacher. He graduated from the Naval Academy in Dubrovnik in 1934. After the capitulation of the Yugoslav Royal Navy he returned to Slovenia and joined the Liberation Front. Like the majority of Slovenian Navy officers he was soon arrested and taken to the Gonars concentration camp, and eventually to Padua. After released from the camp, he joined the Partisan Army in 1943, in which he held various positions. From September 1944 to April 1945, he was the Chief of Staff of the Navy Group within IX Corps. Later on, he was the Chief of Staff of the Naval Coastal Command Zadar and Chief of Staff of the Northern Adriatic Naval Command. In 1947, he was demobilized. He accepted the position of the Naval School Headmaster, where he worked until 1961, when becoming Director of the Maritime High School in Piran.


Nadja Terčon


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