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Album of photos from Japan and North America

Inv. No.:  P4076


The album is part of the legacy of Dušan Mayer, Ocean-going Ship Master of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia's Merchant Navy. Dušan Mayer (1900-1971) was born at Šoštanj (modern-day Slovenia) and graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy at Bakar. After World War I he joined Yugoslav Merchant Navy. As Deck Officer he sailed on board several ocean-going merchant ships. In 1936 he visited, with cargo ships Avala and Nemanja of the Jugoslavenski Lloyd shipping company, Japan and North America. He kept the photos and postcards in a special photo album, which was donated in 1974 to the Maritime Museum by Marija Mayer.


The leather binding of the album is decorated with colour engraving with the motif of rickshaw driver in front of the Fuji Mt. in Japan. The album contains 195 photos and postcards from Japan and North America from 1936. The photos of various landscapes and their inhabitants are of high documentary value, particularly those depicting the people's way of life.


Where it was made: Japan, North America, Kingdom of Yugoslavia 
Dated to: 1936
Materials: paper, leather
Measurements: width 36.6 cm, height 27.3 cm, thickness 4 cm