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Inv. No. 0009: Dressel 6a/ Lamboglia 2 amphora

Inv. No. 09: Dressel 6a/ Lamboglia 2 amphora


Dressel 6a / Lamboglia 2 amphora, well preserved. The bottom of the container narrows slowly and passes into a pointed foot. The transition of the belly to the shoulder is sharp, the neck is cylindrical, the rim is thickened and cut vertically. Two opposite handles run from under the rim to the shoulder. The handles deviates horizontally from the neck then falls vertically on the shoulder of the amphora. The rim is slightly damaged.


Dimensions: height 82 cm, belly diameter 34 cm, rim diameter 16 cm


Dated to: 1st century BC to 1st century AD


Site: Piran, Punta, 3 m below sea level, random find, 1955





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