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Inv. No. 0008: Amphora Lamboglia 2 ? type

Inv. No. 08: Amphora Lamboglia 2 ? type


Amphora Lamboglia 2 ? type. Well preserved. Foot of the amphora is pointed. The neck is cylindrical, the rim is dameged. Two handles run from the rim to the shoulder.


Color: 5 YR 6/3 light reddish brown


Dimensions: height 79 cm, belly diameter 36 cm


Dated to: second part of 1st century BC to 1st century AD


Site: Piran, Punta, 3 m below sea level, random find, 1955





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eta romana. Arheološki vestnik, letnik 41, številka 1, 41, (1990), str. 257-266. URN:NBN:SI:DOC-

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