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Duška Žitko “Figureheads”


The book presents figureheads, wooden sculptures that for millennia adorned the prows of ship.


On larger and more prestigious ships, figureheads depicted ship-owners or captains, characters from rich maritime mythology and female figures as personifications of various historical events, natural phenomena, etc. They often symbolized or. Illustrate the name of the ship or have the shape of a coat of arms, weapons and any other object relating to the purpose of the ship, its name or its owner.


The largest maritime museums in Europe and the world have already taken a comprehensive look at the most famous and beautiful ship's figureheads through the long millennia of maritime affairs. Among the figureheads, which are in many publications classified chronologically and iconographical, many analogies with the figureheads are found kept on the Slovenian coast by the Maritime Museum "Sergej Mašera" in Piran and the Regional Museum in Koper. Our examples of figureheads, unfortunately just few of them, do not lag behind known specimens in any way rather contrary, some are even more beautiful.


Edited by: Maritime museum "Sergej Mašera" Piran (The book is written in slovenian and italian language- Summary is in english language)


Price: 3,00 €

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