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Across the seas to the unknown Far East - occasional exhibition

17 June 2017 -

The main topic of the exhibition consists of travels by mariners of the Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Navies to East Asia between the second half of the 19th century and the end of World War II. The varied selection of the original objects, rich pictorial and written material from the mariners' legacies unveil China, Japan and Korea as presented to the domestic public. Nineteen journeys and over thirty mariners from the Slovenian ethnic territory are presented at the exhibition. These men of different ranks and professions originated from various parts of the Slovenian ethnic territory. Among them are Second Class Commodore Anton Dolenc, Lieutenant Commander 2nd Class Fran Vilfan, Intendant Officers Viktor Kristan and Ivan Skušek, and others. The highest rank was held by Anton Haus, born in Tolmin, who in 1901 commanded the Austro-Hungarian East Asian squadron.

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