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Slovenian ships - 6 ships

The caralogue of the exhibition SLOVENIAN SHIPS, 6 ships of Splošna plovba Portorož expected to be touring nationally and internationally , brings to an end a seven year inter-institutional project. 

The operation inspired by an extraordinary series of postage stamps celebrating Slovenian ships and issued by Post of Slovenia, has been successfully managed and carried out by the Museum of the Sea "Sergej Mašera" Piran. 


In this way the museum has reaffirmed it's institutional role based on the research and the conservation of the maritime heritage, on raising public awarness and promoting Slovenia as a long-time seafaring nation. 


By selecting the 6 shipswhich were of key importance to Splošna plovba, the project managers wanted to shed light on one of the most significant success stories of the post-war period, the story of the Slovenian only international shipping company which had established itself on the cut-throat global shipping market with the symbol of Mount Triglav depicted on the funnels of it's ships, 


Author: Duška Žitko


Editing house: Museum of the sea Sergej Mašera Piran


Price: 17,00 €

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