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The history and cultural heritage of Piran

Piram is a colloquial term for Piran – Pirano. The name most probably derives from the Greek word pyr – fire, given that a lighthouse allegedly stood on the Cape of Piran as early as in Greek times, which enabled safe navigation towards the Greek colony Aegida (modern-day Koper).

In the Cosmography of Ravena (Cosmografia ravennate) from the 7th century, the name Piranon can be found written for the first time. In that period, Piran was walled-in, stretching all over the peninsula, and under the rule of Byzantium. In the ensuing centuries the town fought for independence, although always under the protection of Venice, until it became, in 1283, part of the Venetian Republic and remained under patronage of the Winged Lion until the Republic's downfall in 1797.

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